Nasco Company has been established in 1941.
Nasco is the oldest company in producing Educational Models. This company consists, different departments, which main is: Life / From and Simulaids.
Life / Form production is in Fort Adkinson city (WI), and for Simulaids is located in New York City around.
Life / Form is more focused on Nursing and Clinical Skills and Simulaids products are mostly for CPR training and First Aids and Emergency.


Limbs & Things Company was founded in 1990 Bristol / UK. The owner is Margot Cooper who is designer of Medical Models.
After designing medical models, she began to make some samples. Her goal was to increase the level of health education as well as medical students’ skills support before approaching patients.
This company has now increased production at various levels and has established several offices in Australia, America, and Sweden.


Kyoto Kagaku Company was founded in 1948 after the Japanese war.
This company belongs to Shimadzu Group which was established in 1875 and was active till 1912.
They were been in production of raw materials, such as silicon.
 Frist manikin was produced in 1930 and it has a great reflection in the medical world.
Then, due to the widespread needs of the medical community, the company started making other educational manikins.
These manikins have excellent quality and very accurate Anatomy which have contributed to the medical community that students will be able to perform the procedure before the clinic.
Kyoto has committed to continue producing manikin, till science advancement.


Erler Zimmer Company is a family company
The owners of this company are a German family.
This company has been established 65 years ago in Lauf city, which is located in south-west Germany.  The company goal is production Anatomical models which are using the newest technology available in the world.
Frist, they do computer simulation on the real anatomy of human and them the designed models goes into the production stage.
This company tries to provide the educational products in the highest quality to the medical community.


Making our customers’ projects a reality since 1988

in 1988 by its founder Mr José Vicedo under the name Matricería J. Vicedo in a small premises where the first moulding and ultrasonic welding machines were installed. The current name of VICEDO MARTI, S.L. was adopted in 1997, as a specialist with long experience in the integrated development of plastic products


With over 30 years of experience in the plastic injection industry, in 2009 Vicedo Martí launched the first PRACTI-MAN CPR manikin onto the market, fully manufactured in its facilities located in IBI – Spain, offering a new approach to basic CPR manikins.

has been fundamental in the distribution of PRACTI-MAN products to more than 45 countries

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